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Motion detector

Paradox 457 GlassTrek

-Two operational modes (addressable for the Digiplex EVO series or conventional relay operation)
-Remote test mode when used with Test Trek V2
-Full audio and infrasonic spectrum analysis

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Paradox 476pet

-Immune to animals weighing up to 18kg (40lb)
-When a higher level of immunity is required, such as when animals are constantly in the detection area, consider using DG75
- Extremely high EMI and RFI rejection

door access control
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Paradox DG55

-Dual element sensor
-12m (40ft) X 12m (40ft); 110° viewing angle

security gate
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Paradox DG65

-Digital Dual Opposed Detection
-Interlock Sensor Geometry
-Quad element sensor
-12m (40ft) X 12m (40ft); 110° viewing angle

home Alarm & industrial alarm
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Paradox DG75

-Extremely reliable and false-alarm free
-Dual optics (2 dual opposed element sensors)
-Provides superior pet immunity using a patented combination of advanced optics and digital processing technologies

audio video intercom
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Paradox DG85

-Impact and temperature resistant casing (-35°C to 50°C / -31°F to 122°F)
-Dual Optical Filtering System
-Multi-level sensitivity adjustmens
-Two operational modes (Bus or Relay operation)

Fiber optic
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Paradox NV500

-Infrared motion detector
-Paradox's equalized detection pattern - ensures equal sensitivity throughout the protected area
-Paradox Super Creep down-looking beam optic option for straight down detection

intelligent smart home
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Paradox NV780

-Two double passive infrared motion detector with eight narrow detection beams
-High-resolution and full dynamic range digital signal conversion
-High-speed digital signal processing Digital EMI / RFI interference rejection

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Paradox WS588P

-One high-sensitivity photoelectric smoke sensor
-Compact, low-profile design
-Protection against the ingress of foreign bodies / Insect Guard
-Built-in siren

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